Improving our Space...

An Update (February, 2017)... 

In the fall of 2015, we set out to make some upgrades to our auditorium and to significantly expand and renovate our lobby. Although there are far more important matters in the life of our church than the building, we felt that making these changes would help us to continue our work in building disciples who are Alive in Christ, Connected to Each Other, and Engaged with the World.

The Lobby - Completed in the Summer of 2016!
For several years our lobby had been too small for the size of our church. It was described as crowded, loud, and frustrating (and that was putting it nicely!).

To eliminate some of the congestion and provide our church family with a space to gather and connect, we relocated our nursery area and knocked down a few walls. This enabled us to expand and renovate the lobby into a much larger, more comfortable space. Our goal was to provide a functional area that’s warm, family oriented, flexible and inviting. Our focus on this part of the project is rooted in our value of being connected to each other.

The Auditorium
Now we are ready to move on to the auditorium! In this area we plan to centralize and upgrade the lighting to provide more unified illumination throughout the room and to add stage lighting that better serves our needs up front. We also plan to modernize our projection system to provide better clarity and visibility. We’ll be replacing the chairs and carpet, too! Our hope is to create an environment that’s more conducive to worship by warming up the room, removing distractions, and creating a more focused experience. 

The Building Improvement Fund
To accomplish this work, we opened a Building Improvement Fund (B.I.F.) and invited the congregation to give towards these projects. If you would like to participate financially, you can do so below or use an offering envelope provided at one of our services.

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